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     Ate 6 Media is a company specializing in food, beverage and automotive photography and videography. With creative marketing and unique, high-resolution photography, we have increased profits for our clients through our consistent, on-the-spot content creation.


     Located in the Farm-2-Fork capitol of Sacramento, Ate 6 Media has made an impact throughout the restaurant industry. Creating content that restaurants can share online allows customers to see where their produce and ingredients come from and how their food is prepared.


     What sets us apart at Ate 6 Media from our competitors, is our experience with growing businesses from scratch, and learning along the way to build and manage our own social medias to bring in millions of dollars in sales. We create real-time content ranging from photography, to write-ups, and short videos for all social media platforms.


     We like to communicate story behind every photo we take, whether it’s showcasing the steps behind growing organic rice, brewing craft beer, or the evolution of building Japanese cars. We want to tell your restaurant and businesses’ narrative via our exclusive photography and video to help create a lasting connection with your customers.

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Meet the Ate 6 Team

Anna Wick

Anna Wick

Anna Wick’s passion for photography began at home when she was inspired by Tastespotting to start cooking from scratch. But attempts at recreating the same food photography with a point and shoot didn’t turn out well, so she bought her first DSLR, and read the manual. Slowly but surely she improved her photography and cooking skills and was hooked.

Further on down the road, professional ventures into the food and beverage scene opened up opportunities to partner with several restaurants and breweries, as well as local publications. Working in kitchens, and as a sales representative for craft breweries, gave her an insider look and appreciation for their creativity and craft, and she continued to put her camera to use.

Her detail oriented photography, and passion for the food, beverage, and local business scene inspires her to incorporate vibrance and story into each photo.