Change for the Decade

Change for the Decade

Here we stand, a day away from a new decade. This old one was been a whirlwind of activity. Good, bad, ugly, weird, happy, you name it! While the future is always uncertain, we can certainly look forward to changes for the better in the new one.


Included in the housekeeping, are changes for my business. While Ate 6 Media has had a good run, and we deeply appreciate each and everyone of you that has chosen to work with us over the last couple years, Ate 6 Media is being laid to rest.


I am starting my own photography business under the name Anna Wick Photo. What does this change? Not much to be honest… aside from giving me a clean slate and clearer direction to take my work and brand in the direction want. I’ll still be doing my same day-t0-day work with all of my fabulous clients in the restaurant and bar scene, while also delving into a personal project of local (and beyond!) photojournalism and write ups that focus on the heart and soul of Sacramento… the people.


While food and drink reviews, blogs and instagrams are a dime-a-dozen, the trend I’ve noticed is always the same, “what’s new, what’s exciting, what’s exclusive, what’s cool, will this help me be an influencer?” 😉 Which is why I’ll be approaching it from a different angle, to talk more about the unique, multi-faceted individuals that help keep the spirit of hospitality alive and well, starting with Sacramento. You’ll be able to dive into bios of old and new faces, some well known, others are the ones that you might not see so often, but are the glue that holds everything together behind the scenes. Everyone deserves a chance to have their story told.


Thank you again, one and all, for following along. Stay tuned for an updated logo and brand, as well as the first several of my exciting new series focusing on the most interesting characters of the Sacramento restaurant and bar world.

Anna Wick
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