Through The Glass

Through The Glass

“I don’t want to mimic other people’s style and ‘just do it for the gram’.” I said in exasperation to my friend today. Jumping  on Instagram these days has become a dull pastime of scrolling past one faded, filtered, out of focus image after another, as people are flooding the social media tool with mediocrity. 


Sacramento is a humble, growing town that is home to some unparalleled talent… from chefs, to graphic designers, to farmers, to craft bar managers, to musicians, artists, and athletes, to visionaries who strive to build this town into a bigger and better version of itself. We have soul, grit, and a homegrown fervor that’s hard to knock down.

I’ve been lucky enough to rub elbows, down shots, grow with and help support via photography some of the most passionate talent in this town. People who I deeply admire and cheer on through the ups and downs of running their own businesses… God knows it’s a balance of work, family, taxes, and sliver thin margins. Doors opened for me last year to join the creative forces of this town through my photography, and it’s been a whirlwind journey since. Shifting gears from simply selling people a product (albeit a delicious, slightly intoxicating product, aka, craft beer), to bringing a creative service to the table,  has been one of the most rewarding career changes I’ve gone through yet, as I constantly strive to further my client’s image and brand with my photos.

From the start, I knew that I wanted to focus my art on creating rather than mimicking, telling a story rather than just producing a pretty picture. As hard as my people work to birth their own new food/drink menus, art, and business concepts, I wanted to work equally as hard to capture and carry, via the medium of my lens, their brilliant story… If I produced ANYTHING, it would be images that would help translate that genius by making you stop, think, and learn. It would be a disservice to them if I didn’t put myself into translating that.


Here at Ate 6 Media, I pledge to continue bringing story and true art to you…. I may do it imperfectly at times, but my friends and colleagues are daily pouring their all into their visions for the future. It is legacy I’m building, not just likes. If I can promisee you one thing, I won’t ever do it for the “gram,” but I will do it because I’m fully invested in your victories. 

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